Calligraphy is considered a valuable heritage in Iran and has an immediate relationship with poetry. I have been always engrossed in the aesthetic structure of Persian calligraphy and alphabets and letters. The images I have initially constructed represent an emotional and mental impression of poems I had read and have often manifested in my calligraphic paintings.Over time, nature was turned into a source of inspiration for me and I associated calligraphy with nature. Nevertheless, I was not seeking readings of letters and words. As time passed, the painterly look became more important to me to the extent that forms, textures, colors, etc. overcame calligraphy.
I sought refuge in the poetic spirit in the world when faced with the darkness within myself and the age of machines. The world is replete with wonders; from the vastness of the seas and deserts, the majesty of the mountains, and the vastness of the sky to the delicacy of a leaf and its flight in the wind. I tried to illustrate my mental impressions within a boundary between reality and abstraction.